The company

In 2012 I decided to create a company with the primary purpose of providing consultancy applied to the world of robotics and automation. The company's philosophy is to provide a constant effort to analyze customers needs and helping customers to achieve their goals, by taking advantage of technologies that are cheap but at the same time technologically advanced, developing custom software and firmware.

The activity of the company is not limited only in robotics and electronics areas. In fact, thanks to past experience and technical skills, the company is able to provide consulting to create ad hoc solutions that are based on web and client/server architectures.

In addition, by combining the experience gained in the world of automation with the experience gained in the information technology area, the company is able to create smart monitoring systems. We provide to the customer the consultancy to monitor all its application and all its production process. The company also produces custom software to simulate human behavior necessary to monitor specific applications or to interact with them.