About me

My name is Alan Pipitone and my job is to provide information technology consultancy applied to the world of robotics and automation.
I've always been a fan of robotics, electronics and computers. My studies have focused in these areas, from electrical engineering and automation to the information technology. I deepened my studies especially on the computer vision and the main programming technologies. I worked for several years in large corporations and multinational companies as system engineer and programmer, however, these works had nothing to do with robotics. So I decided to create a company with the primary purpose of providing consultancy applied to the world of electronics and automation, still providing consulting to companies that don't have anything to do with electronics or robotics.

Currently I collaborate with several companies that work primarily in the area of information technology and robotics.
I help my customers offering solutions that I consider useful and innovative for their type of business.

For more information about my company please visit the appropriate section.